One of the greatest assets and set of skills you can learn as a user experience designer… are the skills to communicate. Communication with your team, your development team and the wider business stakeholders ( you know those that actually sign off the budgets and make the stuff you want to happen… actually happen! ). Communication needs to be the foundation of your core skills, the key to your arsenal of tricks as a user experience designer. Here are some ideas to help you along this path.


Hi, guys. It’s Anastasija and Simon again from [UX Clicks 00:00:06] and today we are recording from sunny London, surprise, surprise. Things we want to talk about today are related to communication between UX designers and other teams. Some people were saying, “Well, we go and talk to developers. They don’t really understand me. Talk to a business analyst. They don’t get me. Product owners also don’t understand me.” So today I just wanted to quickly cover that subject because it seems like it’s a problem for many people.

We again had a bit of a brainstorming session and just wanted to share our experience with you guys. What I wanted to say is when you talk about design to other people who are not designers, I think a good analogy is when you are a doctor. You wouldn’t be talking to other people who are not doctors using very medical language and terminology that other people don’t understand who is not from your field. So if you’re a designer and you’re talking to people who are not designers, try not to use very specific design language. There’s better communication if you try to use their natural language.

Another thing you can do is when you join a new company, you can try to observe and listen to what is the natural language of that team, or people that you have meetings with. For example, if they say business analysis, instead of research, maybe in the beginning, it’s a good idea to use that language rather than very typical UX or design language. Something to think about. Yeah?

What do you think, Simon?

That sounds like a good idea. I’ve got a book recommendation, which is this awesome book here called Steal The Show by Michael Port. It’s great. It talks about presenting and speaking and interviews and, I guess, some key takeaways. You should definitely read this book, but key takeaways are about preparing, knowing what you want to say, practice your presentation. Most importantly, the best way to get across some complex information is through storytelling. So whatever you can do when prepping for a meeting or big presentation, think about how you can communicate some of the more complex subject through stories makes it much easier for people to understand what you’re talking about and take on-board your advice, opinions, ideas, concept.

Yeah, it’s a great idea. This book is not very obvious UX designer’s choice, I would say, but it’s really surprisingly useful for communication and improving sort of understanding between people in general and which you can definitely use in your company, within the project you are working on.

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